Monday, August 8, 2011

Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Houston!

Well I took the first step....I set up a team for the Autism Walk.  If you feel led to donate, anything would be appreciated.  Even a dollar gets us closer to a cure.  The shirts are $15 each or you can purchase them for $20 and the extra $5 will go towards the walk.  Just email me for info.  Our team website to donate in Jacobs name is  All of the money you donate will go directly to autism speaks research.  I feel so excited to be a part of something bigger than our family and something that will help more children than just Jacob.  At this point we can't really afford to get the kind of help we need for Jacob, but we can try to get funds for this foundation.  I hope you join us by donating or through prayer. 

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  1. Allison, as Crystal would say, "Good Job, Allison!" I am so proud of you.