Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Insurance Crisis Begins

I have read many stories about families of autistic children that have lost their homes, huge families living in tiny apartments just to afford treatment for their children with autism.  They say the average family spends $100,000 on an autistic childs therapy and health.  Autism is generally considered a behavioral disorder and because of this most insurances don't cover treatment.  Even when people, like us, have behavioral health coverage most of these specific treatments are not covered.  Even though I have read that and even explained to people that most things probably wouldn't be covered, I never expected it to start so soon.  We just got his diagnosis yesterday and already we are denied coverage today.  Our neurologist ordered genetic testing and an MRI.  She said the purpose of these tests were to make sure that his autism wasn't caused by a genetic disease such as fragile x, ect.  The MRI will tell if there are any abnormalities in his brain.  Why isn't this covered?  What in the heck is the deal?  I am feeling so discouraged.  We drove all the way out to Texas Childrens and didn't get to do the blood work.  The scariest thing of all , though, is that even with just our high deductables we have had to make some serious sacrifices to be able to afford medical bills.  I have no idea where we go from here.  With no coverage we will be seriously limited to what we can even do for him.  That is not acceptable.  I will fight this. I will get him help.  The Lord knows whats happening and I will trust that He will guide me.  I have to constantly fight the urge to cry.  The only time I am even thinking clearly is when I type these things out and hear my thoughts.  I need to focus and lean on Him who gives me strength. 
  Thank you for all that you've given me.  Thank you for being holy and just.  Thank you for giving me this autistic child and thank you for the opportunity to live out my faith.  Help me to stay encouraged as this is only the beginning of the long journey I have with this illness.  Heal my baby and help me raise him to honor you.

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