Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asking for Prayer

Today is a big, scary, important day.  Jacob is going in for his MRI.  His procedure is scheduled for 2:30 at Texas Children's Hospital.  I had to wake him up super early to eat because they told me he can't have any food or milk after 7am! He can have water until 11am.  The whole not eating thing makes me nervous because he gets so upset when he is hungry.  A friend of mine told me that the major problems that occur in surgery are usually due to people not following the eating and drinking instructions, so I am following them perfectly.  In addition, they are putting him to sleep during the MRI.  The procedure is 45 minutes and the nurse told me that the person doing it may take longer if needed or add dye to see anything more in depth.  They are looking for brain abnormalities, brain damage, mental retardation, gaps, and whatever else they can see.  Nevertheless, today I'm a mess.  I just wanted to ask all of you out there to pray for him.  Please pray specifically for a successful procedure and that whatever may be wrong...that they can see it with no problem.  This test could be a big deal and give lots of answers or it could just cause more questions.  I don't like the unknown.  I hate not being in control.  I hate not being able to make my precious baby well.  But I am going to choose to trust God because he IS in control.
  Thank you for being holy and just.  This situation with Jacob is so far out of my comfort zone.  I have no idea what to even think or do.  I am so thankful that this isn't unknown to you.  You know how many hairs Jacob has on his head and he is your child.  I am trusting you with him.  I am only borrowing Jakey from you and I pray that you give me the tools to care for him if its your will.  I pray for the doctors today and all the days of his life.  Please heal Jacob or give us peace about his condition.  I love you and thank you so much, every day, every second for this wonderful child.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made. 

As the women at Bible study reminded me last night...

I have all kind of crazy emotions right now.  So many I can't even describe, so I have to hold on tight to what I know is true and right. I have to hold on tight to my God and trust in His word and His promises.  He will never give me more than I can handle.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:14

Jacob is fearfully and wonderfully made.  God, knowing he was a special needs child, gave him specifically to me.  What an honor and blessing from God.  What a compliment that he trusts me with this precious child.  I will faithfully take care of him and lean on God when I have no idea what to do.  I hope you realize that too.  God gave you this amazing child to care for.  He knew this child needed extra care and extra attention and YOU were the mom he chose for the job.  What an honor.  Praying for the other moms having a hard time right now.

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