Friday, November 21, 2014


Sweet little Jakey-poo is really growing up! Man I can't believe how far he has come in such a short time.  When I reflect on what he has learned in the last few years it sounds like he has been in therapy forever and he is only 4! Since I am always in a panic about all the things he still needs to learn, communication areas of need and safety issues I wanted to just stop and write a post to just THANK GOD for all the things God has done in Jacob's life this year. The list could go on for ages, but these are the biggies. This time next year I want to compare yet again how far Jacob has come.
Within the last year or so...
Jacob has learned how to say "Mommy and Daddy" he also recognizes and can label mostly all of his family members, but he occasionally even requests me or his dad!
Jacob looks at us in our eyes when we sing and play.  He is engaged! (Not all the time, but so much more than we could have ever dreamed)
Jacob can not only identify all his letters, but he is now reading! WOAH He can read sentences like...
The girl is cooking
and match it with a picture of a girl cooking, even when presented with other similar pictures to distract him.  He has mastered out of his first reading level and about to get past the second level as well.
Jacob can follow directions! He has mastered simple 2 step instructions like pushing his chair in and going to the bathroom and is currently do well in his 3 step instructions.
Jacob knows how to recite his address and phone number.
Jacob can count to 100 and will give you a certain amount of objects you ask for (most of the time, when he is paying attention)
Every time Jacob sees the computer he either requests me to play the "Thrive" song from Casting Crowns or another song that's on his mind.
Jacob can drink out of a regular cup without pouring the drink all over his body on purpose anymore and he eats with a fork...sometimes.
Jacob is pee peeing in the potty! Still working on the rest.
Jacob will say, "I love you, too" when Cret and I tell him we love him.
Jacob can write his name and other letters and he can draw a car, butterfly, and several other things.
Jacob can request certain foods he likes, toys, and to go play outside.  Jacob can ride a bike with training wheels independently. 

Jacob has finally learned how to say "no" and knows the proper time to say it.  Up until a few weeks ago he answered only yes to everything.

Jacob knows over 500 nouns and verbs and can identify them in the real world most of the time if you ask him what that is (still working on asking him what someone is doing or what he is doing). 

Jacob is head over heels in love with Mickey Mouse and he has finally learned how to dance! Here is a video to prove he's got moves...

These are only some of the simply remarkable things that God has done in Jacob's life.  We are so very thankful and God is so good.