Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre-Evaluation Screening

I wanted to document today's events so that I have a record of each step in the special ed process.  I was feeling a little discouraged after I left the nurse's office, but I am praying that God has Jacob's situation under control.  All I can do is trust in Him.
Today was Jacob's medical screening with the school nurse at Hidden Hollow Elementary School.  This is the first step in the evaluations for special education.  When we got there she checked his ears for infections and they were clear! Thank you, God.  However, he couldn't do any of the testing.  They had a chart with lines of letters on them for the vision testing.  He can't read letters or say which direction anything is and he also can't follow even the simple direction to look at the board.  He wouldn't even know what the board was.  So then she proceeded to see if he was able to track things with his eyes.  She used a light to see if he would track it and he did.  She then asked if he could track other things besides lights.  She tried a toy, a sticker, and something else.  He wouldn't even look at those items for a split second.  I got out my iPhone and turned it around to the backside and he tracked it.  I told her that it would have to be something that he is interested in to track it.  Based on those observations she passed his vision test, although she said she hopes that they can do a better screening later when he is older.  She also rang a bell when we got there to see how he would respond.  He didn't even turn in the direction of the bell.  She did the same for two more objects that made noises.  He didn't respond.  I told her that he has had his hearing checked 3 times and likewise with vision he will only respond to noises that interest him.  Regardless, we have to make an appointment with the district Audiologist to double check his hearing.  When we got home I whispered,"Jacob here is the Ipad" and he came running.  I know his hearing is fine.  I am glad they are checking him to be thorough though.  He also banged doors the entire time we were there.  He wouldn't look at her when she called him and didn't respond to most things that I said.  I think the new environment was hard for him. 
I know that this journey with special ed isn't going to be easy for me.  Friends have told me it is hard.  One friend told me that she cried every single day after she dropped her son off at class. I can see how that could happen.  He acted like he was completely incapable of listening or learning in the nurse's office.  Each time we do evaluations or anything like this it becomes so obvious that he is so far behind.  It's just not exactly what you hope for as a mom.  Each day is a learning experience for me.  Each time I feel like this, I know I have to make a decision either to let my mind go into that dark sad place or to trust God and stay hopeful.  If this is His plan for Jacob, then I need to be on board.   I am just trying to focus on his strengths and trying to make sure that I see this whole process as something to aid in helping Jacob learn.  I want to stay positive, even through my sadness.
I wanted to update everyone on the garage sale.  We made $872.75! I can't believe how well the garage sale went.  What an awesome blessing! Thank you to all who donated.  Also, one of Cret's best friends and his sister donated $260 so we are already at $1,132.75.  We are $567.25 away from our goal so that I can get Jacob his genetic testing.  Once we do I will be sure to post the results.  Thank you again for your support.  God is so good. 

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