Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yearly Evaluation

Jacob had his yearly evaluation from ECI today.  I wanted to share his scores.  In the "ADAPTIVE" category he is equivalent to an 18 month old.  He is 44% behind.  In the "PERSONAL-SOCIAL" category he is equivalent to a 15 month old.  He is 53% behind.  In the "RECEPTIVE COMMUNICATION" category he is equivalent to a 13 month old.  He is 59% behind.  In the "EXPRESSIVE COMMUNICATION" category he is equivalent to a 15 month old.  He is 53% behind.  In the "GROSS MOTOR" category he is equivalent to a 27 month old.  He is 16% behind.  In the "FINE MOTOR" category he is not behind.  Praise the Lord! In the "COGNITIVE" category he is equivalent to a 21 month old.  He is 34% behind. 
To explain these categories better.... adaptive is his self help skills.  Personal-social is how he interacts with himself, peers, and adults.  He scored at 15 months due to him finally playing with his brother. Receptive communication is how he receives and understand words.  Expressive is how he communicates his thoughts and feelings.  Gross motor scored low because he doesn't throw a ball yet, he only drops it, he doesn't jump from the floor, and he doesn't kick very well.  Fine motor scored great.  Cognitive scored low, but not as low as communication and social, which is promising.  IQ is highly correlated with adult success so I am very hopeful.  Cognition has to do with problem solving, attention, memory, understanding concepts like big and small, soft and loud.  He does not understand those yet. 
Certain categories scored higher than he really is due to him being able to do a few random things in the category, such as expressive language.  He can't express anything that he wants expect to be "all done" with sign language.  Everything else is randomly mimicking our words, however the way they did the scoring that counted as him being able to express his feelings.  Also, he scored higher in social because he plays back and forth with his dad and brother, although he won't with anyone else. 
His meeting with the school nurse to begin the special ed process is next Tuesday.  He currently has an ear infection that has gotten worse through the last antibiotic and today he was put on another stronger one that he hasn't ever had.  Please pray that his ear will clear up and that we can have simply 1 month of health for him.  April 3rd is his very first evaluation with the school district.  Their evaluations are much longer and more thorough so I am sure they will be able to determine where he needs to be for his class.  Please be in prayer that he will get the BCBA's class, because I feel it will be the most beneficial to him as does his current therapist.
This Saturday is our garage sale! We have had so many donations and I am hopeful that we will get very close to our goal for genetic testing.  Our goal is $1700.  I am hoping that we can 1/3 of that and I will have some more fundraisers and save until we can get the testing! If you have anything you'd like to donate please email me, or if you'd like to come check out the sale please come by! Jordan and her friends will be selling either snow cones or donuts to earn $ as well.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  It really means the world to us!

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