Monday, April 8, 2013


For my research proposal I am studying the depression in the parents of autistic children.  One study shows that around 80% of mothers show severe depressive symptoms the year of diagnosis and about 40% in a follow up a year and half later. Additionally, the severity of the child's problematic behavior and the financial toll that the diagnosis places on the parents are strong indicators of the severity of depression. Is it just me or do ASD parents need some serious support? In these studies, parents that receive support from local groups tend to have less stress induced depression.  I see this as a wonderful opportunity for the Christian community to show some compassion and the love of Christ.  Just a thought.  I love you ASD Moms. More importantly, Jesus loves you and as I read in a recent blog, God knows your suffering more than anyone.  I shared the blog post, but for those of you who didn't get a chance to read it I will paraphrase...

You, as the mom of a child with a disability,  are raising a child who struggles with ridicule, difficulty in everyday situations such as crossing the street and brushing teeth, severe communication delays or inappropriate speech,  and extremely challenging behaviors... You may feel alone.  You may feel as though no one could understand or sympathize with you.  However, God does understand.  He watched as His son, Jesus, suffered ridicule, extreme torture and eventually death on the cross.  No one better understands you.  Our loving Father is there for you, lean on Him.  Put your trust in Jesus because He is the ultimate provider. 

So thankful for our church family and the support we get often.

To view the blog that I paraphrased visit it is well worth your time

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