Friday, June 15, 2012

Thankful for a new sound

 Jacob occasionally babbles a variety of sounds, but for the last few months he would only say about 4 sounds when we ask him to...."dada (with no meaning behind it), u, a, and mumble the tune to uh oh.  Today its official!! We have another sound. He is saying "y"! Yippie for Jacob and progress.  I am so thankful for another sound.  I can't wait until he can say a word or two!

Recently, Jakey has discovered how to take off his pj pants and diaper, so every 20 minutes I find him running around naked.... Not thrilled.  He seems to be gaining weight finally.  He eats a lot and loves pizza, yogurt, and chicken.  He is becoming more and more irritable if you try to make him do things he doesn't want to do, such as therapy.  This seems to be appropriate for his age.  Can't wait for his birthday on the 22nd!

We have his 2 year check up on his birthday and will have a super fun party on the 23rd!! Thinking we may skip the singing this year, though, since last year he cried and cried when everyone sang for him.  Maybe we will all say happy birthday really quietly.  Its his special day, so we can do something especially for him.  Love my sweet boy.

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  1. My son laythen is 3 and he is always in a corner taking his clothes he jus recently started singing spongebob squarepants! Its amazzing.hes doing well i jus wish he wuld talk to me tell me he loves him.i wuld giv ANYTHING!