Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fragile X Results

We finally received the results for the fragile x testing, which came back.....NEGATIVE!! Praise the Lord for the good news and answered prayers!!

We are very excited to know that its not fragile x and while this is good news for our family, I pray for the families that do not receive such news and for their journey through fragile x.

So where does that leave us now?  Well, still just AUTISM.... In case you haven't heard me say it lately (yeah right LOL).... there is still no one cause for autism and there is no cure.  We are still searching for answers and giving Jacob different therapies through ECI and I am giving ABA therapy with help from a great therapist training me. 

Jacob turns 2 this month on June 22.  We are preparing for Jacob's 2 year evaluation at the pediatrician.  Let me rephrase that....I am preparing for Jacob's evaluation....emotionally.  He still doesn't speak and I know he will not meet any milestones for his age, except motor.  So I have to keep reminding myself that he is special needs and his milestones are just different. I can't help but to hope and pray one day he will be on target.  That's the hardest thing about an autism diagnosis.  A lot of children overcome the symptoms, so you always hope your child does.  The truth is that some do and some do not.  Its hard to balance that truth with the hope for your child.  Hope that makes sense....

However, I am very very very thankful and happy for so many things.  Jacob is so happy and so loving.  I am so fortunate that he loves his snuggle time and he loves kisses from mommy.  I am so thankful that he sleeps from 8pm to 7 am.  I am so very thankful that he loves me.  Also, I am so thankful to my husband's work...New Tech Global for their willingness to match dollar for dollar any donations that the employees donate to autism speaks.  I hope more people will join us for the walk this year on October 13.  Its only about an hour and a slow paced walk, because kids are with us, and it just helps so much with getting the word out and research.  I am excited to see what happens this year.  God is so good.  I also ask that if anyone has any ideas regarding how I can raise money for the walk this year please email me.  Our team site is www.walknowforautismspeaks.org/houston/rejoiceforjacob if you want to join the walk or donate a little. 

I also have a prayer request for Jacob.  His therapist has told me that keeping him behind in the 1 year old class in the church nursery is a very bad idea.  The hours that he is in class with other children are so vitally important for his learning and development and being with children so much younger than him will not teach him to behave appropriately.  He gets along fine with the 9 months-1 year olds, but really needs to experience a class setting with children his age.  He needs to be coached on how to sit at a table and color or listen to story time.  However, if I were to put him in with the 2 year olds he would really distract the class.  I don't want Jacob to be a distraction to other children and I don't want him just running to the corner and hiding.  Our church has begun a coaching program where special needs children can have a coach with them in their own age-appropriate class.  I think this is a brilliant idea and I am so thankful to our church for trying to meet the needs of all the children in the area.  So my prayer request is for people to pray that we can find a coach for Jacob.  I can't wait to see what he can learn and do with some help. 

In therapy, he is doing well using his PECS (picture exchange communication system) to request certain toys and his milk.  He is doing 3 piece puzzles with ease and has mastered the idea of matching 2 identical objects.  Moving right along!!! Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 

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  1. Wow, Allison, this is all such great news! God is so good!!! Also, I had no idea our church was doing something like this, that is wonderful!! I think about you guys often, and y'all are always in my prayers.