Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Butler

We had our extended appointment with Dr. Butler today.  My mom took off work to come with me.  We came prepared with a list of milestones that a 1 year old should have reached and were ready to discuss all of our concerns.  Dr. Butler walked into the office aware of why I was there (to discuss the possibility of autism) and started interacting with Jacob.  After that we started telling her all of our concerns.  She told me that she could tell there were problems right away before I even listed them out.  He isn't intimidated by strangers and wasn't even aware that she came in.  He didn't make good eye contact.  He does look at people sometimes, but it isn't that real connection.  So after much discussion she suggested that we see a developmental pediatrician at Texas Childrens Hospital.  She said that it does seem like either a neurological or genetic disease or autism.  She didn't give us a diagnosis, but at least we will be going somewhere that we can get one.  I'm really excited to finally get help, but I feel so so sad.  I feel sad for Jakey.  I want him to have a normal life or even just a full life.  I am scared because there is so much unknown about autism.  Almost everything I research contradicts other research.  I am praying for wisdom.  God, please help me to know which doctors to send Jacob to in order to get him the best treatment.  Thank you for blessing me with this child. 

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