Thursday, April 20, 2017

Insperity Sports Complex

Our family loves sports, particularly baseball.  My husband always watches baseball on tv with the boys. Jacob loves to imitate the baseball players.  He winds up with a high knee to pretend to pitch like the pros and, of course, he watches them go out and grab the dirt and lick their fingers to get a grip of the ball. So last season to start the first game for the miracle league he gets all his gear on and runs out to the pitchers mound and grabs a huge chunk of dirt and licked it right up.  He quickly found out it wasn’t as cool as he thought it was gonna be.
In all seriousness though, the Miracle League has meant a lot to our family.  For my husband, it has allowed him the opportunity to see my son participate in a sport and enjoy doing something that couldn’t do otherwise.  It’s a good challenge for Jacob.  But the best thing is that they get to bond over something they both love. It sort of brings their worlds together.  As a coach, he would always say that no matter how bad  his day was…just getting to see the pure joy of those kids' faces out there playing and running the bases changed his perspective and made him appreciate the little things. It’s impossible to have a bad day after watching the kids light up on the field. You get to see families encouraging each other and meeting other families in similar life circumstances. 
My daughter gets a chance to be a buddy and help kids out on the field and I've seen how fulfilling its been to her and it increases her compassion towards children with special needs.  Tyler loves watching his brother enjoy the sport he plays and having something in common with him.
And I love that we can bring Jacob out to play baseball, but if he feels like rolling in the dirt, swinging the bat, or swinging from the fences, there’s no judgement. Its just a safe place to have fun and play sports where kids with all different abilities are accepted and included.
Most importantly, we are thankful that the Miracle League sports offers Jacob the unique opportunity to learn what it means to be on a team, to share, to wait his turn, to learn the rules of sport and meet his own independent milestones. 
Our family is truly thankful for the opportunity to have somewhere Jacob and other kids with disabilities can go and enjoys sports.
The Lake Houston YMCA has teamed up with Humble ISD and community partners like The Houston Astros, Insperity, The Houston Rockets, Texas Children's Hospital, and Halliburton (to name a few) plus many families to build a fully adaptive sports complex and playground in Atascocita.  This is such a special and unique way for the community to come together to build a facility for individuals with special needs and show their support and acceptance. 
Tonight our family got to speak at the grand opening of the new Kingwood Insperity building for a fundraiser for the sports complex and we couldn't be more thankful.  The Miracle League has truly been a blessing to our family and we know that this sports complex will be so amazing for so many for years to come. Please pray they raise all the funding needed.

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