Thursday, December 10, 2015

Therapy Dog Update

I wanted to give an update to our therapy dog status because several people have asked me about it.  We still have not heard from Autism Service Dogs of America.  They received our application months ago and I believe we are still waiting to be processed. 
A friend of mine was able to donate in Jacob's name through her work, so I hope that helps us get approved.
Although Jacob is making vast improvements in speech and his attention span, we are still in desperate need of a therapy dog for his safety.  Jacob is 5 and very smart and very independent.  In fact, if he ever got out of the house or the clinic I am certain he would run towards danger.  When he rides his bike around our cul-de-sac he tries to ride off down the street and we have to chase him down and redirect him and he tries to run often when we are out in public.  He is the sweetest little guy, but still has little awareness of danger. 
We are going to purchase Angel Sense GPS this month for him.  Unfortunately, this is a device used to locate a child after they have wandered, which may be too late for children like Jacob who are attracted to water and traffic.  However, it is what's available, so we are going to get it.  As he gets older, I had hoped that this behavior would subside and that he would become more aware of his surroundings and less likely to bolt.  That just isn't the case.  He is at the prime age for running because he is so incredibly smart and independent. 
I just wanted to ask for prayer please.  Could you please keep Jacob's safety in your prayers and that he will get accepted into the therapy dog program.  This would be a potentially life-saving animal for him. It amazes me how God created these dogs to be so brilliant and such an aid to children with disabilities.  Thank you for prayer. 


  1. @hillfamily5 - I use AngelSense for my seven-year-old son with autism and it has truly been a blessing. My son has no fear or comprehension of danger, as well. I would suggest you set the home, and other location where he's prone to bolt, under "early warning mode". This mode can produce a warning of even a perceived exit almost immediately.

    Not that we want our kids to get out, but I have read two recent stories on where kids where found using the device: one was found after being lost for hours in the woods and the other saved from an assault in Texas.

    It's definitely a tool worth having to keep your little guy safe.

  2. Hello, my youngest is 9 and has autism, the younger years are the hardest especially for keeping them safe, hang in mama it gets easier and good luck with the service dog. I use AngelSense and it is amazing, it notifies you whenever your child leaves or gets to a location and tracks them the entire time they are wearing the device, so it is not like it only activates after he wanders like other devices, there is no need for you or your child to hit a panic button or anything really, almost all of its features are completely automatic. It is real-time tracking that you can watch or check whenever you want. I think that once you see its capabilities you will be completely blown away as I was. The other features really set it apart and gives me so much peace of mind!! Good luck to you and your family, God bless

  3. Hello :) I have a service dog and I am a user of AngelSense, the service dog is great and has brought a lot of peace and calmness to my son, he is a true blessing BUT many times we had negative reactions in public places, people are not educated about service dogs, before we went to a restaurant i would call and make sure they new the laws and avoid a BAD moment in front of my son, the least i need is more stress in our outings, so i found the wonderful product AngelSense (tried at least 4 before AngelSense) this tracker has early warning which will alert ou as soon as your son wanders away, I dont think there is anything out there that can predict that your son will be running away, this device is to warn you when he has wandered and will give you exact location to find him, you can live track at anytime and it also has listen in which means you can call the device to hear what is going on in his surroundings hope this helps you. God Bless