Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Daughter's Poem to Her Brother

Yesterday I was typing up my autism awareness blog post and my daughter, Jordan, came in and asked me what I was writing. I told her that I was writing a post to remind people to wear blue tomorrow (April 2nd) in honor of those affected by autism.  She asked me if she could write one to tell people how autism has changed her view of special needs, so of course I said yes. I love her honesty because it shows that parents need to be actively teaching their children about acceptance and being kind to individuals with disabilities. She is such a beautiful girl. Below is her post.

Today is Autism Awareness Day… and my birthday. My brother Jacob has Autism. I think it is so cool how God works in His amazing ways, and he decided to make my birthday on Autism Awareness Day.

My name is Jordan. I turned 12 today and my brother, Jacob, will be 5 in June.  It isn’t always easy having a sibling with Autism, but it’s not impossible either. When I first found out that Jacob had Autism, I was very young, and I didn’t quite understand the pain it would cause, but I also didn’t understand the impact it would have on my life.

I first started to notice something when my mom started telling me something was going on with Jacob. I was scared for him. I wanted my brother to just be like any other kid. I noticed he wouldn’t say my name. Jacob wouldn’t even say “Mamma” or “Dadda” to his parents either.

Since Jacob gets more attention, I used to feel like he is loved more. But he’s not. My mom loves each one of us equally as much, and that will never change. I would also sometimes be sad because I never wanted Jacob to be made fun of by other kids. That’s when I realized my whole life, until Jacob was born, I wasn't very accepting to people that were different. I decided from that day forth I wanted Jacob to remember me as the best big sis or “Sissy” he ever had.  I do this by trying to help my mom by babysitting Jacob when she needs to do chores or shower. I try to push him to do things. And most of all, I constantly pray for Jacob every day, and that is the best thing you can do.

Jacob has inspired me to look at those who are different as a blessing because it is the different people that change the world.

Jacob has made me laugh my head off at times and he is the reason my heart is thankful to God for those who are different.

God created everything and everyone for a purpose, including kids with autism. I wrote this poem in honor of Jacob:
      You make me make me happy on the cloudy days,
      You make me thankful for you in all your ways.
      When you’re happy, when you’re sad,
       Even when you’re mad,
      I will love you always, even ‘till the end of my days.
      God put you in my life for a reason,
      I know I’m blessed by you every day, every week, and every season.
      Thank you for being yourself,
      And nothing else.
I thank my mom for helping me out every step of the way, and I thank God for choosing to give me Jacob as a baby brother.

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